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Hello beautiful soul🙂
This site has been in the making for 5 years
May the things that are shared here help you as much as they do to me🙂



  • Note to the reader 

  • Crystals and a little on moldavite 

  • Energy healing, crystals and spirit guides 

  • Products and services

  • Pendulum crystals,grounding and healing with trees 

  • Meditation 

  • Healing oils

  • Mediumship 

  • The spirit world 

  • Reincarnation

  • Telepathy and channeling 

  • "How to choose a crystal" and Auras

  • Service to self: Negative entities🙂and how to incorporate them into our shadow work 

  • Ce-5 meditation, extraterrestrials, UFO's, My ufo experience 

  • Contractions and expansions (Mechanics of Creation)

  • Parallel realities, how to “Jump” between them and why feeling good is the most important thing

  • Skepticism, and how to look into negative beliefs and unravel them 

  • Emotional guidance system 

  • Diving deeper into pendulums 

  • More Products

  • Siddhis (psychic powers and abilities)

  • Why you can’t really make a mistake

  • Only by accepting ourselves, can we accept others and see the oneness of everything 

  • Tarot 

  • How to quit your job and start doing what you love 

  • "Why do we choose suffering?"

  • Feeling good

  • Book a mediumship session

  • Gratitude 

  • Money 

  • Dogs and plants on how they serve and help us, and vice versa; little on the metaphysical nature of life 

  • Celery juice and its benefits

  • COVID🙂

  • Anger, heavy emotions and how to transcend them

  • Airport charging stations; more on grounding 

  • Always ask yourself, "What’s the worse that can happen?"

  • Energy “protective bubble” and more on healing modalities 

  • You always have what you need 

  • Tektite crystal 

  • Selenite crystal and cutting karmic cords 

  • Other recommended crystals

  • Ark crystal bottle 

  • Patrick Flanagan, Neurophone and Sensor V

  • Gaia Channel 

  • Sage and how to use sage in your home and on yourself 

  • Mark Bajerski’s sacred cleansing negative energy palovite incense sticks 

  • A little more on energy healing, recommendations before a session and Q&A's. 

  • Personal one on one sessions pricing and mentorship \ clarification program 



Their function and how they work


Crystals are not dead like we might believe, they're a different form of life and are living and evolving just like all of creation.

their main function is to store memory and information (that is why we use them in our computers).

in the past and in the days of Atlantis and Lemuria we were tapping more into there power and usage,

from Delores canon books and many past life regressions people remembered we were using the crystals for buildings, healing and energy, they recalled that the crystals worked to light up cities and were used for creating energy for transportation.

We are only using a small fraction from the true magic of crystals.

They hold memory when using them for energy healing, they also absorb energies. Remember that crystals can be a wonderful tool to have on our path here in this lifetime.


is called the stone of awakening, it was formed with a meteorite impact to earth around 15 million years ago,  it is a glass like texture and is a  part of the tektite family.

moldovite is a powerful companion to have with you.

if allowed ,  it will raise your vibration and will speed up your spiritual catalyst, it will accelerate your lessons and evolvement on your journey here.

consider it a great aid for communication with extraterrestrials and can be used for psychic protection.

Moldovite can be found in the czech republic. In the past years and because of the massive wave of awakening our planet is having,  moldovite is becoming more and more rare and because of its high demand the market has a lot of non-genuine "moldovite".

it's always good to check it comes from a genuine dealer and was dug up in the Czech Republic.





there are as many methods of energy healing as there are people, but the source is one.

each one can be a healer if he chose to, we are all born healers.

We are healing each other by sending love and positive thoughts and believing how the person we are thinking about is getting better.

A science experiment showed that if you think negative thoughts towards a bottle of water, the water starts becoming dirty and changes color.

we are the creators of what we experience.

energy healing for me means to clean my mind and allow energy to come through me and send it wherever it needs to go,

by understanding that, I can be a conductor of this wonderful healing energy. 


as was mentioned before, a crystals main function is to hold information,
when they are filled with healing and loving energy they will hold that memory.
when they are placed on you or in your home or wherever you chose to use them at they will bring that healing energy and spare it around them, they too, just like us, have an aura.


Considered the stone of love and is very relevant for humanity at this time. The rose quartz connects and represents our physical reality. The heart chakra (the forth energy center) at this time in our evolution earth is moving to a new density of light from third to forth, and as our bodies are adjusting to the new vibration of light, some physical representations may be of assistance to us.

The forth density is the density of love and understanding.

 I am sure if you are reading this you can feel a change in your being - we start to have more compassion and love for others, things that are not relevant will still be coming up for us for some time in order to transcend.

belief systems that are not in service and alignment will be brought up to the surface of our consciousness to be looked at and released.

Rose quartz crystals are great permission slips. We give to our selves to help in this transition.


Spirit guides

We all have spirit guides.

they can be our family members that passed in this incarnation or in others, they could be guides that we have karmic agreements with or beings that wish to be in service in this way.

Most of the time we have 2-3 personal guides that are with us from birth and others that come and go during our life, each of the guides has their area of “expertise” that they help us with.

For example I'm aware of 3 of my personal guides; one is an Indian chief who guides me to connect with trees, nature and healing. my second guide I am aware of is from Atlantis and guides me about crystals, healing and channeling, and  the third guide which feels like a female presence (which was confirmed to me as I was writing this) and some kind of earth element. I describe her as a fairy that guides me with channeling and the spirit realm and more things I am not aware of yet. 

I also feel a lot of guidance and support from my grandmother that passed, I feel she is with me a lot.

Our spirit guides communicate with us through the people we meet and mainly through our close friends and family, sometimes we may feel like asking a question or eagerly wanting to share a thought with someone. Those ideas may come from the guides of the person we are talking to that wish to give them some kind of message. It's important to know that when we open our selves up, we are able to receive as well as give guidance.

Crystals act as amplifiers and a bridge between us and the spirit world in order to receive and connect with our guides. Crystals raise our vibration so it is closer to our guides, and act as direct tools to receive messages. A perfect example is a pendulum.


below is a picture of the center :)
(you are encouraged to visit by appointment🙂)

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Like it's been mentioned before, crystals are living beings and can connect with us in many different ways like acting as a bridge between us and our spirit guides, family in spirit, our own higher mind and with time our higher self.
 Although there are crystals that are designed to act as pendulums (by their pointy shape) ANY crystal can be used as a pendulum by attaching it to a string and allowing it to spin freely.
Pendulums are easy to use and when our guides feel we need and are ready to receive information we will be drawn to one.
  Although you could ask any question using a pendulum it is good to start with easy, day to day questions and once you feel comfortable, you can start asking more complex questions.

How to activate a pendulum?
In the days of Atlantis and Lemuria we had a vast access to crystals, and we had very advanced skills of telekinesis, we could move by thought large stones and structures, we were able to connect to crystals and change 
their DNA and structure.
These abilities are kept hidden from us for now by the beings that govern our planet for us not to misuse them again like we did in the times of Atlantis that lead to its distraction.
As we continue to evolve, I believe more and more skills will be apparent and given to people. A possible example is Uri Geller who claimed he was able to move or bend physical objects with their mind.
We all have this ability within us and although there are many places you could learn to work with a pendulum, it's truly very simple and all you need to do is remove your doubts and expectations.

Practice - hold it in your hand and connect to the crystal. Ask if it's appropriate for you to receive answers to questions, sometimes it’s not the right time for you and so you may receive a "no" or the pendulum won’t move, know that it’s completely okay and it just means that your guides want to give you information in a different way, keep the crystal nearby, you will feel when it’s the right time to try again.
When you feel it’s the right time, pick up the crystal and hold it by its string and ask it to show you what is "yes" and what is "no". For me, "yes" is portrayed in a circular motion and "no" is back and forth but for each it’s different.
With time you will learn to open yourself up to your pendulum crystal and when you and your guides will feel it’s the right time, you will be inspired to ask more questions that are not only day to day advice but more guidance on your path as a soul as well as ask about other lives and how you could learn from them to help you in the most important one which is this one.

*A little side-note on parallel lives; It’s good to remember that what we understand, learn to do and overcome in this life effects all of our other/parallel lives, so focus on the current one 🙂.

Remember, the pendulum is a great tool for energy healing practitioners and can be used as a way to check and open chakras by holding it over your chakra's energy centers. 
But, most importantly is to remember that you already know all the answers to all your questions, always , and the pendulum is a promise slip we give to our selves to connect to the answers we know in our hearts.

Healing with nature, trees and the ocean 

I can’t recommend healing with nature  and connecting to trees enough, it is probably the easiest and most effective way of healing available to us and without throwing myself or anyone else under the bus, it is ALWAYS free 🙂

If you choose to open yourself up, you will start to feel everything have its own vibration, our bodies, even if we choose to believe they are separate from nature they are not. Our bodies are made from all the same elements nature is made out of. 
Anxiety, fear, and anger can be transmuted by touching or standing bear foot on the ground or grass for 10 min.
It doesn’t mean it will cure all of these things right away, but you'll feel much better immediately, for the reason that our body is a part form earth and by allowing the ground to cleanse we are allowing and helping earth to do what it’s doing already anyway, with the difference being that becoming aware of the process and doing it with intension, it becomes much more effective.

First Practice- step one go outside🙂.
find a tree you feel connected to and trust your intuition when choosing. Preferably be barefoot, if not still great. Put your hand on the tree and if possible with your feet on the roots or on the ground, take some deep breaths, relax and calm your mind. Start feeling the tree with your hand and visualize (using your third eye) how the tree is connected to the earth, how it’s roots cover the ground and spread deep within the earth, pay attention to the sounds of the branches and leaves moving, feel your hands connect to the tree and become one with it. Imagine that everything that is not in service to you anymore like old thoughts, beliefs, fears, and anxiety slowly flow from your hands and body to the tree and it’s roots and from them into the earth, transmuting them into love. Don’t feel that you are hurting the tree in any way, earth does this with love to you, know that you are being nurtured and protected by mother earth and she is happy to help and clean it’s children🙂. Take as much time as you can doing this practice. You will feel much better after, when you're done, thank the tree for transmuting this energy and know that trees can feel and understand, you can pour a glass of water and bless it with loving thoughts before drinking it after this process as a ritual.
Enjoy 🙂

Second Practice -
The ocean is even more effective for us to clean ourselves form unwanted information,
We always find ourselves more relaxed near the ocean and water. There is something cleansing and calming about it.

Remember, to do these rituals with intention and awareness.
Find a beach, lake or any place with rainwater (in this practice I will refer to the ocean) and sit in the water. allow the water to relax your body and mind, listen to the waves, and be grateful for the ocean for being of service to remove any irrelevant energy that no longer serves you. You can also imagine yourself as a cube of sugar in water. If the temperature is warm enough, sugar will melt, and become one with the water. Essentially this is what you'll want to visualize.
Imagine strings of dark and dirty energy being poured into the ocean like rivers from your fingers to your feet into the ocean, feel how relaxed you become. Remain in the water for 10 minutes. When you're done, thank the ocean or the body of water you were in, for healing and helping you.

The ocean is also a great cleanser for your crystals. Just dip them once in the water and they're good as new🙂

Finally, It’s good for us to remember that physical reality is merely a projection, we can travel and experience things just by imagining them, visualization is just as effective as going somewhere in this physical reality. Taking our body’s to nature, with desire and practice, we could sit anywhere and by visualizing ourselves connecting to nature and releasing the unwanted information we are able to feel renewed. You can choose one of  the practices mentioned or you can create your own, be creative!🙂 



Unlike what we may have heard 🙂 

meditation doesn't have to mean that you have to be sitting like a pretzel🙂 with legs behind your head and levitating in the air (unless you choose to of course🙂) 

The point of meditation, is to bring the mind to be single focused 🙂 so by choosing to take your attention, or (who you are🙂) 

To experience something else other than thoughts (which is just another sense organ just like our ability to hear, taste, or smell….)🙂

So by taking our Awareness, (again, what we really are🙂) 

to a neutral sensation, that we didn’t put to much meaning on🙂 

like for example the sound of water in the shower, the sound of the noise of the AC, looking at a candle or just listening to birds🙂  

or really anything that you don’t think to much about before and can just relax into it🙂

By doing so the mind (which is just thoughts🙂)

Will slowly relax (because you will take your attention-and again which is who you are , from it🙂)

And by doing so you create a space between yourself and thoughts🙂

by doing it your body and mind will start to relax and heal itself 🙂 

and you will gradually start to connect back🙂 (not that we ever really lose the connection although it may feel like it🙂)

To the universal mind where EVERYTHING is connected and always available🙂

mark -).jpg


Couple of years ago when I was In Spain learning energy healing in the academy of mark I saw the oils he was making and wanted to do it since.

I never got into doing it since recently after watching him talk on YouTube about his oils,

There is something really magical in oil.

 From many experiments done on water, we learn that it holds information we put into it. ( you are more then welcome to check the experiments done by emoto masaru on water and the affects it had, it blown my mind🙂)

Oils feel like it holds the energy and information we put into it stronger maybe because of the density of it, not sure exactly why but oils are truly a great tool to have with us here.

We can use them for healing the body, give them as gifts to others and use drops on crystals , plants and in there soil (I actually finding myself putting crystals in plants they seemed to like it🙂) 

The oils on the website comes with a lot of love put into them together with healing energy, inside the oils I use crystals that helped me and had being with me for awhile and hold healing and learning energy, you can use them on healing sessions on clients or on yourself or give them as gift for someone that may need them.

They are strong so you can use small amounts and they should last you for a while.

If you want to have a large amount of them buy grape seed oil get a jar and add the healing oils into it give it your loving energy and mix them together🙂

as of now the oil hold the energy of - many many hours of healing energy and the energy of, rose quartz crystals, moldovite, tektite crystal with healing energy in it, chevron amethyst, citrine crystal, pyrite crystal the oils also have in them some of marks healing oils🙂.

 All the crystals have being or hold the energy of healing learning and growth,they go inside the oil after there are full of love🙂.

I use grape seed oil for base oil and add lavender oil for fragrance and the oil himself.

The oil then goes into smaller bottles and is placed near the healing bed and the healing session so they absorb more of the healing energy and only then they go on sell🙂

You can find the Energy healing oil Bottles at the store price - $99

Comes with free shipping🙂

In the picture me and mark in my curse on Spain and the healing oil 🙂



For me mediumship opened completely unexpectedly (probably because I had no insistence on it) I was opening myself up to channeling and communication with spirit guides and E.Ts.

I don’t remember exactly when but I believe one day in my aunt house after feeling angry at my dad I heard my grandmother which passed tell me in my thoughts that he loves me and I should forgive him and he just doesn’t know any better🙂

And sometime after that with each month it became more and more stronger I guess it is something that was there but I never paid attention to it, at work people that I never meet come and there is always a conversation starting about someone that just passed or someone they are missing and then I “feel” something like tingling in the top of my head and words start to come out most of the time it’s about that there loved ones are always around them and many times conformations about things come out.

Can I prove it? Probably not although there where many experiments with mediums that is hard to contradict but it is something you need to experience by yourself and be even slightly open to the idea because otherwise free will will kick in and you will be able to choose if you want to believe and experience it.🙂

in experiments that was made it shows the energy of skepticism effects the results of the mediumship.

I saw many demonstrations of mediumship that the mediumship gave facts and validations that he couldn’t possibly know about the client (unless he had follow him for couple of years before the sessions or more unlikely during public demonstrations🙂) 

And will all of that we can still be skeptical about the idea, I too can find myself having second thoughts. the reason we do that because we are afraid to be tricked and made fun of, so we close ourselves to any idea that doesn’t fit the agreed collective ideas, it takes us time to open up to different view points just like extraterrestrials different dimensions and reality’s. for some reason we believe that if we open ourselves to one idea we won’t be able to stop it. and although it’s good to have some skepticism and the ability to choose what to believe and although it’s true that there are many things that we can choose not to resonate with or be open to if we just block ourselves out or being to scared to be open we might miss many many things that can serve us on our journey here. 

And with that it’s good to be grounded I guess balance is the right word.

In conclusion the large point of mediumship is to help us understand that we never really die and life continues in different realms of reality that with time we all will be able to connect freely and easily with and there won’t be need for mediums because everyone will be🙂

And also to remember that our pets just like our loved ones will continue to communicate with from the spirit world to assure us that they never really leave🙂

-in the picture is my grandmother who helps me from the spirit world with the communications and me (as my grandfather is my past life with my dad and my ant🙂) 

and a picture of James van pragh someone I love who helped me a lot recommend his book and works for everyone who are interested in mediumship or to answer some questions they have about spirit. 

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Just like our planet is an aspect of consciousness so is the spirit world🙂

The spirit world is in a different vibratory existence🙂(that’s why we can’t often see it🙂) 

And just like on earth so does the spirit world have beings that live there and choose to experience reality form that perspective🙂 

And like bashar says we never truly leave spirit🙂(but dreaming this physical reality🙂, and the larger aspect of us is still there🙂)

The spirit world is the place we can choose to stay or to incarnate on different realms of existence🙂.  (and because everything happens simultaneously, and there is no space🙂 we can have an experience in the spirit world and have an incarnation or better to say a portion of ourselves🙂) 

If I connect to my grandmother energy in the spirit world I “feel” her as having white clothes,(and much younger then I remember her🙂) 

Doing some kind of meditation and bringing this information for me to write so actually she is channeling as well🙂

The spirit world have houses, libraries, and schools you can say it is similar to earth but it’s really much different🙂 

people there know they are dreaming and create what they experience so the environment is much different🙂

Like I said you can stay there if you wish but most of us choose to come here (or different planets) because of the learning and expansion experience🙂

I recommend three wonderful books and a movie if you choose to explore the spirit world a little more.


Deloress canon - between life and death, the first book I read about the spirit world🙂  tells in detail many many fascinating things about the other realm. 

Nasso lar - wonderful book about aclonley in the spirit world.

The world unseen - channeled text by a being from the spirit world🙂

flying high in spirit- a true story about mom who communicates with her son who passed to the spirit world🙂

and tell her in the book, about his reason for leaving so soon and about the world beyond the physical. 



And again if our core belief is that what we experience is solid and real the idea of reincarnations will be a wonderful fairy tale🙂

There are religions that accepted the idea of past lives🙂,  but believe that past lives can happen only in that religion,  or that the soul will always choose to incarnate in that religion.

and although the soul (which is you🙂) can choose to have many experience from a particular religion.🙂

it will also choose as many experiences it can have which includes many other religions and other planets and civilizations as well🙂

And being man woman or others beings is definitely something your soul (again which is you🙂) will choose to experience.

As the vibration of the collective is rising so the higher self starts to release more and more memories and information about past (parallel actually because everything is here and now🙂)  lives.

Many many of us start to remember individually and collectively other existences🙂

2 years ago I had a wonderful past life regression that I remembered two lives one in cumran Israel and one in Egypt in the construction of the great pyramids🙂 and got validations about my ufo experiences and extraterrestrial connection🙂

I get glimpses to other lives frequently🙂 mainly when it’s relevant to something Or someone I experience🙂 and this remembering will benefit me in some way🙂

If the subject of reincarnation is interesting to you and you wish to explore it little more🙂

I recommend this books to start with-

Delores canon - five life rememberd

Many lives many masters - Brian wiess 

Enjoy ❤️

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Unlike what we may have heard or believe we can’t think other people thoughts🙂

but we actually do , we change our frequency to the same vibration length as the other person🙂

 and while being on the same wave length we think the same thoughts🙂

When we physically close to people our aura meet and we start to think similar thoughts as well (so check how you are near🙂)

The thoughts with the stronger vibration will dominate the filed🙂(that’s why one positive vibration thought or person can change many negative in its environment🙂) 

and then two( or more 🙂)  people will be thinking similar or very similar thoughts.

Channeling and trance channeling work in similar way but a little different🙂

In channeling while the Chanel is awake the being that get Channeled using the Chanel mind🙂

 Thoughts ,memory ,experiences ,beliefs imagines and anything that can be helpful to get the massages through🙂 

when I get massages form spirit guides or from some family members of people that I meet🙂who wish to give them a massage🙂

it can usually come by memories,things I saw, book I have read , or just comforting thoughts, 

and the understanding that they are with them all the time.🙂

I get the impressions by my head tingling or just this “knowing” there is a massage to give🙂.

Other mediums and channelers work in different ways and there is probably infinite ways for this to happen🙂

Trance channeling is little different that the Chanel is “out” (not really out of the body but his consciousness is in a  different space, that is in between the channeler and the being that get channeled🙂)

For example the Chanel can feel his in a nice garden or different planet or anything else🙂.

Sometimes the vibration of the being is so much different then the Chanel🙂 

that for the massages to come through this usually will need to happen🙂 for them to meet in a middle vibrational ground in between🙂

The reason Bashar civilization calls it “telmpty”🙂 from the word “empathy” which means that to “hear” other people thoughts, you need to be In love with them🙂 or other words to be on  the same wave length🙂

I add pictures of two books that helped me a lot to get open to channeling🙂

 if you wish to explore the concepts more in depth🙂

One of the books is by sanya Roman🙂  and one of someone I love form Israel that helped me a lot🙂 (it is in Hebrew for my Israeli readers🙂) 




You could say it’s an mutual thing as the crystal also choose you, if we choose to be attuned and open we could see a crystal that stands out from others and we are attracted too, i could probably write a lot about the process but it really is a natural process that the crystal is attracted to be in service and evolve by being our companion on our journey,
So probably the best way is to trust your heart and your first intuition when choosing a crystal.

crystals and aura-
Some people which are sensitive can see aura around other people and them selves, aura holds our vibration and our information and is like our invisible business card🙂 
We can feel each other energy vibration and thoughts if we chose to, when we are near other people our aura is connecting to there’s and we receive information for them,  after the information we need is giving some information witch is unwanted will still  remain in our aura, it can be easily removed by a meditation that we visualize a a sphere of light around us and we ask for it to clear and remove any unwanted information.
with our evolution we will be more and more sensitive to energy and auras and eventually become telepathic and will have all the information we will need just by thinking of others.
Crystal when worn or besides us connect there aura to ours, and help to transmute our energy.



Just like we have spirit guides we also have guides that work on the negative path🙂 (I believe we choose both before our incarceration🙂) 

When we choose to be on either side positive or negative 🙂 , we attract to ourselves guides form each side 🙂

they only difference is that the positive guides will wait and respect your free will as much as possible🙂

 before delivering there massages🙂

and the service to self guidance (negative🙂) and guides will project there ideas thoughts and beliefs with your approval or without🙂

The more positive or negative you will become🙂

the more you will attract to yourself both sides🙂

To explore and experience both sides of Creation and decide which one you will choose to experience 🙂

The type of guides and the “higher” (the reason for the “ 🙂 is that although it may look like we are progressing our core being our true self , never changes and is always perfect and complete🙂)

The higher Your vibration will be🙂 the higher the vibration of this guides you will attract to yourself will be as well🙂 

and the “higher” the beings the smarter they become🙂 

some negative beings depending on their vibration , can easily sound to you like positive beings 🙂 that want for your benefit.

So how to see the difference?🙂

  1. True positive beings won’t Project or inforse any ideas on to you🙂 (unless it can truly save your life 🙂in some situations and even then,  they will check if it’s your free will to experience this)

  1. Contractions🙂,  if you feel contractions in your vibration filed , it can indicted that the thought you are receiving is not in alignment 🙂and doesn’t serve you or comes form your positive guidance🙂 ( although some things may feel good to us 🙂 they may still come form our negative guidance, like greed, pride or similar emotions🙂  our job is of determination and of integrity to what we choose to connect and resonate with 🙂

  1. An easy way is to check with your pendulum is the guidance your receiving comes form your higher self and guides🙂

  1. And mainly and actually really simple🙂 is the difference  that service to others(positive) guidance , see itself in everything🙂 and everyone🙂  and service to self (negative) see itself differently and separated by either feeling of being better or worse then others.🙂

Acceptance love forgiveness and understanding are the key🙂

Any being in creation chooses what he believes is that most benefits him 🙂

so understanding that everyone is acting to the best that they know how will help us understand and accept any guidance🙂

having said that we have the free choice to choose what we feel that resonate for us and say yes or no🙂

the power is always ours🙂

If you choose the positive path (which you probably are if you readings this🙂) 

One of a great modalities (and there are infinite ones🙂)

Is to ask to cover yourself with a sphere of white protective light, and ask god/source/spirit or any name you choose that you believe in🙂 (there are more in detail about this on the website, check energy protective bubble article🙂)

To remove and release unwanted energy form you 🙂 and your auric fields -  ask to remove energy that doesn’t see itself in everything and don’t see god/source/sprit.. in itself , from you🙂

How to incorporate negative beings and shadow work🙂-

Understanding that we choose our experience and we choose our guides positive or negative🙂 for our growth and evolution is probably one of the most beneficial ways🙂

If we can start to accept the idea that negative entities actually helps us , will in detention change the way we look at them from negative to positive🙂

The way they do it is by brings forward and “pressing our buttons” that get us triggered🙂 and by doing so brings up to our attention things we need to look at to transcend ,love and let go off🙂

So in reality what they do for us , is to accelerate our growth and evolution🙂 

and the more things we can clear up in one life time will save us many many incarnations🙂

So shadow work is , us to transcend our beliefs ideas concepts and thoughts , that are disconnected from the unity of all things🙂 



7 years ago after watching Steven Greer movie  “sirius”🙂  I got obsessed with doing a CE-5 meditation , ( a peaceful way to connect to E.T’s and ask them to come to your location🙂) 

And started doing It I think maybe every day or every other day ,for two years 🙂(I got very interested in the pyramids as well🙂)

I saw many interesting things in the sky, but only when I went to Barbados with a couple of our friends, and right after a 30 min ce-5 meditation we opened our eyes and a size of a house UFO craft was gliding in complete silence over our heads🙂

 it was 3 am and you could see the stars through it or more accurately you could almost see the stars , (I guess some kind of reflection technology or clocking , yep science fiction slowly become since fact🙂🙂.  I guess the ideas had to come form somewhere) 

And after that all of this started🙂

I really had no idea about any of this stuff before or even new they existed🙂

I feel I was activated or something like that🙂 and 80% of my karmic connections was burned out and the other 20% I had to work through in the next couple of years by myself🙂

So ufos are real.  (well as real as anything in the dream we dreaming🙂)

and yes there are positive and negative E.T,  just like everything in creation🙂

And it’s our job is to choose what we resonate with.

In the next 2 more or less years, there will be open contact and some form of disclosure from our governments🙂 

that they know and knew about the existence of many many other civilizations that visit and have being for as long as this planet was here🙂

But In truth we really don’t need anyone approval we can just connect to this civilizations ourselves🙂

Steven Greer (together with his E.T family🙂) has developed a way to connect peacefully to other beings in the cosmos and experience contact by yourself🙂

I tagged a picture of the app of CE-5🙂 you can find more people in your area to do the meditation with.🙂

The app have other great tools, I aslo tagged pictures of the movies you can watch about the subject if you resonate.

The picture of the movies is of sirius and the movie of darryl anka who channeling “Bashar”🙂



in truth we are “jumping” different parallel realities every nano second🙂

 ( this is the only way we could experience change🙂 otherwise everything would be experienced as “stuck” or “frozen” picture🙂)

And if we take it even a step further🙂 

because all there is really is the NOW🙂

the only way for Creation to create the illusion of movement, and the “experiences” of past and future🙂 (that can only exist NOW as well 🙂) 

and because all there really is always here🙂 

space is also an illusion made to create movement🙂.

And because of both this factors🙂 the only way to create time and space is for creation to superimpose on itself this “frames” of experience🙂

And if we choose to believe our many (and growing daily🙂) number of quantum physicists, who agrees that everything we experience is energy🙂 or vibration🙂

if we masseur the distance between the smallest particles, we will find its 5 football filed(or something like that🙂) in between one and other, which means that most if not all of physical reality is empty🙂

And if it is the case🙂 

Why would creation (which is infinite🙂) with the understanding that physical reality don’t take any space create only one reality?🙂

If Creation only desire (which it is🙂) is to explore and experience itself in as MANY ways that it can🙂 

( and remember time and space don’t really exists🙂 so there is no where to get too🙂) 

will create only one planet earth? 🙂Or one planet Mars? 🙂or one universe?🙂 why not two or three or infinite amount of universes, dimensions and plates?🙂 

If you create a software why limit yourself in space ? 🙂

If there is no need to?🙂

And because we ( unlocalized consciousness🙂) do this jumping without any afford but automatically any way🙂, 

it can be easily awaken to the idea that we don’t have to do it by default🙂 but to choose our experienced reality🙂 

with the understanding that it already happens any way right now🙂 

we just need to attune our desired frequency and we will experience the Pearler🙂 (already existed, although experienced by different acepcct of yourself🙂) reality.

but don’t worry about taken the place of your other "you"🙂 In that reality🙂 because it’s all one being it know exactly where to put it’s own “parts”🙂

The way to raise our frequency🙂 may take some time( or not🙂 all depends on how much you want it🙂 which normally is when you had enough🙂) 

is to change our thoughts🙂 

there are many tools on this site that will help you with that🙂 and I am sure also by reading this help as well🙂 

When we “raise” the frequency of our thoughts🙂 they match the frequency of the parallel reality and we automatically🙂 stop experience one and “jump” the the other🙂

So when you asking for a new job and you all of the sudden get it🙂 

you jumped in to a reality that you already work there🙂 

and the one you don’t , still exist there🙂

but is experienced by a different accept of you🙂 

that jumped simultaneously from a different parallel reality🙂

That’s why Bashar says “ you never change the earth you are on, you change your self, and shift to a different new earth” 

In the picture the idea of multiple earths🙂



Contractions and expansions🙂 (mechanics of Creation🙂)

It’s Funny to use it here, but we can use the stock market or the crypto market as an example🙂

Everything in creation is expending and then contracting and the process go infinitely🙂

(Because there is no space or time🙂 the way creation creates movement and then plays and explores more of it self that way🙂)

Did you notice that things are always getting “good” and then they become “bad”🙂 (this is the way we interpret it , of curse if we wait we see things are always working out🙂)

and then become good again and so on🙂 

but it’s always getting better🙂

Like the stock market example(which is nothing but reflection of our collective🙂) 

it goes up and down but always go upwards,

(just like creation always expending and learning about itself🙂)

So by choosing to understand and resonate with this concept🙂

we are choosing to see things from a positive perspective🙂 

and become patient ,understanding and connected to creation and the way things manifest them selves in our reality🙂

In the picture crop circles🙂




The reason we experience the energy of skepticism (I know because sometimes I do🙂)

Is because we are trying to protect ourselves from being fooled, made fun off or being tricked🙂

Taking my experience with the ufo craft I saw 🙂i have being skeptical about my experience for 3 years🙂 

and although I experienced many many wonderful consciousness expending things, 

 I was still afraid to admit it🙂 

( I feel it’s something that we believe also collectively about UFOS🙂 I guess the people that wanted it to be a secret did a good job🙂) 

The reason I choosing to let go of my skepticism is because I understood that it did it’s job by allowing me to dig much deeper🙂

And by understanding (and looking at the belief system). that by believing that what I experienced wasn’t real don’t serve me anymore🙂 .

I could be letting go of the skepticism.

So by me asking myself “how does it serve me to believe that my experience wasn’t real?”

And let the answers come up🙂

I/you/we can ask together 🙂 -

‘How by believing that my ufo experience wasn’t real is serving me?

“And The answer would be that if I believe that the experience is not real , I will get more evidence and validations from other sources that it is real”🙂

“by reading more books and listening to more information”🙂

“So I believe that my experience wasn’t real because i want to get more proof of it being  real”🙂

“Which means that I believe it to be unreal so it will be real”🙂

Which doesn’t really make any sense🙂

So by me being truly honest and looking at this belief (together with you🙂) I was able to look at it (and a lot of fear came out🙂, which normally happens because the negative belief is trying to save it self🙂 and bring out all it’s false ideas🙂 to protect itself from being let go off🙂 and in its reality being destroyed🙂) 

so by being able to look at the mechanics and the way it works I was able to see the nonsensically of it🙂 and to let it go🙂

The only way to let go of our negative beliefs is by looking at them with honesty to our selves.🙂

and seeing them through the fear they bring forward to protect themselves🙂

Thank you for being with me on this exploration❤️🙂

In the picture Bashar being channeled by  darryl anka , Bashar civilization brought forward to us this concepts of letting go of negative beliefs by seeing them for they’re nonsensical 🙂 

bashar and his civilization have being a great help on my journey here🙂

Bashar website is -

You can get and watch the latest channeling sessions there🙂 and a lot more information about him and his civilization🙂

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According to Abraham Hicks and my personal experience (and yours too even if you don’t feel it🙂)

We all have an emotional guidance system like an inner gps or compass that is directing us every second by our emotions🙂

If our thought is out of alignment and our higher self don’t agree with it we will feel bad and the more the thoughts are in alignment we will feel better and better or worse and worse (when it’s out of alignment 🙂)

There is a scale Abraham Hicks gave for us to see by our feeling where we are 🙂

From fear grief and depression to joy knowledge love and freedom and all the emotions in between (I tagged a picture of the scale🙂)

So basically we are guided all the time🙂

Everything we see is ourselves “higher” or “lower” aspects of our being so by trusting a being with the information he brings forwards we actually trusting ourselves 🙂 

benthino Massaro is someone I truly love he explains the emotional guidance system perfectly🙂 

I will try to link the video here if not you are more then welcome to check his videos on YouTube🙂

but like everything we always do what we believe will serve us.  and to trust this guidance system we need to experience it (have our awareness focus on it) ourselves 🙂.

 and only then we can start become open to the idea that its exists and is helping us.🙂 

this is the link to benthino video on emotions-

and a picture of Abraham hick scale🙂

Enjoy ❤️



Like many abilities we as collective used to have and have being “taken” from us after we misused them on previous civilizations🙂 so are our abilities to move objects with our minds.

Sometimes people that see me doing my pendulum questions ask me if it’s a boy or a girl with a smile and although you can get this type of answers🙂 a pendulum can be a real helpful companion to have here.

A pendulum in simple terms is a crystal (any crystal🙂 although clear crystals seems to work little better) that is on a string and swings from side to side or standing motionless or moving in circles (or any other way I haven’t seen yet🙂) that indicates an answer that is giving through it, the answers that looks that they  comes through the pendulums are actually coming through our minds moving it that comes form thouts we receive form our guidance.

If accessed correctly and being patient with the pendulum we can tap in to answers from should I take this road or the next what clothes should I wear to past lives memories questions about the universe and they want things work and everything truly the pendulum can become our personal guide🙂

-something to remember although a pendulum is great tool to have it is just a tool🙂 and we are the ones the give it the power, like bashar say in the end you will realize that the ultimate permission slip is you.

In the picture my ark crystal🙂 I use as a pendulum but truly you can use any crystal.(and me🙂)